I am currently creating an interactive audio installation based on the distribution of chewing gum splats outside the PR1 Gallery in Preston. The project will be presented as part of The Lancashire Science Festival 28th-30th June 2012.

After painting the chewing gum bright pink I realised they could be musical events such as you would see on a sequencer or piano roll.

Sound piece using the x,y coordinates of the distribution of chewing gum splats

Plan view of the space built from individual photographs of the paving slabs. Chewing gum splats marked in pink. The soundpiece takes the horizontal axis as time and the vertical axis are piano keys – highest note at the top. 1bar=1/2 paving slab

I’ve built up a database of x,y coordinates for the gum and am collaborating with Dan Wilkinson to translate these coordinates into sine waves which will beĀ  triggered as the audience passes through a grid of infra red sensors.

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