The “Transit of Venus” Craft Brewing Competition

Saturday 1st September 2012 5pm

The Continental, South meadow Lane, Preston, PR1 8JP

The Inaugural “Transit of Venus” Craft Brewing competition will take place during Preston’s historic Guild Celebrations at The Continental – one of the North West’s most respected Real Ale pubs.

Competition Style Guidelines: An amber or brown ale from 3 – 6% abv

We are looking for an ale which sits well alongside the “Transit of Venus IPA”: a strong, hoppy, pale 7.1% traditional English IPA and a dark, rich 4.0% Black Cherry stout. This leaves a wide range of possibilities for a beer from 3-6% abv that would complement these in colour (from amber through copper to brown) and provide a contrast in flavour. We therefore invite a wide range of ales including (but not limited to): English Bitters and Brown Ales, Scottish Ales, ‘American’ Amber, Brown or ‘California Common’ beers, German Altbiers or Belgian Pale Ales. Please indicate a style using the BJCP categories when registering.

Exclusions: ABV min 3%- max 6%. No lager/cool temperature fermentation or wild yeasts.

Judging criteria: We will be considering the appearance, aroma and overall quality and impression of the beer and how it complements and is different from the IPA and the Stout in its flavour profile.

Judges: Jeremy Rowlands (The Continental), Eric Barker (resident of Much Hoole), Derek Baines (Vicar in Much Hoole), David Henckel (Artist), Arkwright’s brewery staff, and at least one qualified judge TBC.

FIRST PRIZE: The winner will have the opportunity to work with Arkwright’s brewery to brew their beer commercially. They will also receive a 9 Gallon cask of their beer, a box set of 3 ales, their name engraved on the competition trophy and their recipe archived inside the trophy as well as a certificate.

THE TROPHY: The Transit of Venus Craft brewing trophy is a specially made object which doubles as a time capsule. It has space for the names of future winners of the competition coinciding with a Transit of Venus. The next competition is scheduled for 2117! Inside the trophy the recipes of this and future competitions will be archived. The Trophy will be bequeathed to the residents of Much Hoole, where the first recorded observation of the transit took place in 1639 by Jeremiah Horrocks.

RUNNERS-UP PRIZES: The second, third and fourth ranked beers will receive a certificate and a box set of 3 Ales (7.1% IPA, 4.0% Stout + the winning ale)

Find out more about The Transit of Venus

Entry is FREE and unlimited.
Register by Friday 31st August by emailing with your:
Contact number
The number of beers being entered and their associated BJCP classification/style.
We will provide you with a registration number
Each entry 2 x 500ml unmarked bottles, capped.
Please attach a card with your name, registration number, beer name and BJCP beer style clearly written on a piece of card which is attached to the bottle using a rubber band.
Entries can be brought on the day before 4pm. We are also providing some pick up points: see below.

BJCP style guidelines can be viewed at:

Entering the National homebrew Competition as well? We can help you out!
If you are also entering beers in the national homebrew competition we are a pick-up point for that.

  • For beers entered in both competitions:

Enter 4 bottles, 2 for this and 2 for the NHC. Entries for the NHC must comply with the regulations for that competition including entry forms for each bottle in zip-top bags – see for full details.

  • For beers just for onward shipping on to the NHC (maximum 3 additional entries/6 bottles)

please clearly mark these as NHC only

Drop-off  points:

Lancaster – Steve in Lancaster – before 31st August 2012 (contact via JBK forum or @stevewright1976 on twitter.)

Arkwright’s brewery in Preston 47 Lovat rd, Preston, PR1 6DQ – Mon-Sat evenings 4pm-9pm, before 31st August 2012

The Continental Pub – South Meadow Lane  Preston, Lancashire PR1 8JP Saturday 1st September 2012 until 4pm

Please email with any further queries.

Supported by Arkwrights, The Continental, In Certain Places, Guild 2012

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