0point3recurring were an artistic collective based in the North of England comprising Leon Hardman, David Henckel and Dan Wilkinson. They worked in many guises from live performance and installation through to film and sonic composition.

MODZ is an interactive installation based upon a performance by 0point3recurring. Utilising 3 x cars which have been modified for high end audio and extreme bass.

The performance sees the 3 artists playing analogue synthesisers over each of the cars sound systems. They journeyed from 3 different locations on the outskirts of Preston and navigated to the centre of the city before congregating at the top of Preston’s iconic bus station & car park for an improvised audio performance. After the performance they drove out of the bus station in convoy through Preston, eventually leaving the centre in different directions and finishing their journeys on the edge of town somewhere.

During the journey / performance the artists intuitively responded to the environment changing how they play their synthesisers in relation to a variety of considerations. This could be the direction of travel, the speed they are going, if they are stationary or abruptly change direction. Subtle at times , overt at others they create a mobile sound sculpture which cuts through and responds to the city.

The piece was exhibited at the Bluecoat as a 3 x screen video installation in which the audience have the opportunity to view Preston Bus Station and Car Park from 3 unique angles. In the middle of the gallery 3 car seats on a concrete plinth face each screen.

Each Screen is synced and represents 40 minutes in the life of the bus station including a mixture of audio played over surround sound speakers. The audio is comprised of a blend of field recordings taken at different levels of the bus station during the performance as well as pre-recorded samples of interesting and unique sounds of the bus station.

When an audience member sits down on one of the 3 x car seats in the gallery they activate a pressure sensor, which changes the film they are watching to the view from inside the car. The audio from the car plays through the seat and they experience the sensation of not only being in the car but also the sounds of the performance within the car. The vibrations of the seat speakers make the participant feel the sound of the journey.

Adam Rayner’s article in Talk Audio about his experience working with 0point3recurring and delivery an amazing talk as part of the exhibition.

The use of the bus station, a contested space within the city, for the performance is a subtle political statement referencing the tensions which currently exist within the cities various communities. There has been an ongoing debate as to its future. By performing at the top of the car park we indicated that there are other uses for the space as well as highlighting how functional the space is. Is there any need to knock it down when it functions perfectly well as a large multi story car park? Should we even be trying to think of new ways to use it when with a small amount of care and attention, cleaning and properly lighting it would become a friendlier less threatening place?

The audio performance and the film and sonic mimesis of the bus station bring these separated situations back together.

MODZ is part of Portfolio North West:

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