fabric of spacetime – Chronological mix of one track from every fabric CD (1-94 as of 21/08/2017)

I thought it would be amazing to do a mix using tracks from the Fabric mix CD series and decided it had to be one track from every CD in order. Inspired by a DJ set for Big Fish Little Fish (the original and best family raves) at Proud Camden in 2016, the resulting 4.5+ hour mix is a journey through time and space – from Craig Richard’s legendary Fabric 01, through to Steffi’s twisted Bass heavy selections on Fabric 94.

I’ve absolutely loved putting this together and I hope it’s a reflection of some incredible music, wonderful people, amazing DJ’s and the tracks they love and impeccable curation from one of the best clubs in the world.

Currently working on a follow up chronological mix of Fabric Live CD’s and will continue adding tracks to this mix as new Fabric CD’s are released.
Fabric of Spacetime – teaser mix – taster for an upcoming chronological mix of music from each of the Fabric CD’s 1 – 90….
Sonic Sandwich Lunch Time Listens